A Survey: “How Welcoming Is My Parish?”

As part of our 25 Year Pastoral Plan, the Eparchy of Edmonton is working towards transforming our parishes into even more welcoming places, places where we encounter the living Christ.

Help us become more welcoming parishes by filling out the following survey.  The results of the survey will be shared with your pastor and parish pastoral council so that they help make your parish even more welcoming.

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Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton Українська Католицька Едмонтонська Єпархія

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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The Shroud of Turin an Official Replica

By Bishop David Motiuk:

It is with much love and great joy in my heart that I welcome you to Saint Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral as we solemnly receive and place on exposition for veneration an official replica of the Shroud of Turin.

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Restoration of the Liturgical Practice of the KISS OF PEACE (ENG/UKR)

The Kiss of Peace is an expression of reconciliation and unity between the people present at a liturgical assembly. It originates with the widespread custom, in the ancient Western Mediterranean world, of people greeting each other with a kiss on the cheek. This was the custom in ancient Judea and was also practiced by Christians.

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25 Year Pastoral Plan

Over the past several years, the Eparchial Pastoral Council has embarked upon an ambitious endeavour in discerning and preparing a 25 Year Pastoral Plan for the Eparchy of Edmonton.

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Becoming A More Welcoming Parish

I was a stranger and you welcomed me (Matthew 25:35) The Ukrainian Catholic Church throughout Alberta has embarked upon an exciting and courageous 25 Year Pastoral Plan, entitled Evangelization: A New Springtime.

Home of Hope Project

The Edmonton Eparchy in partnership with the Bridge of Hope has embarked on a charitable project entitled “Home of Hope”. It is a sanctuary and support for teenage girls, who no longer qualify for Ukrainian Government protection services, and need a safe place to work on their education and career.

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Bishop David

On January 25, 2007, he was appointed Bishop of the Eparchy of Edmonton and was enthroned on March 24, 2007 at St. Basil Church in Edmonton.

Our Mission:

To lead all people into a continual deepening personal relationship with Jesus Christ, in and through His Church: By knowing God, loving God and serving God.


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Events on October 24, 2014

The Holy Martyr Aretas and Those with Him (523) [Day of fast and abstinence from meat]; Philippians 3:8-19; Luke 7:31-35

Fasting Day

Events on October 25, 2014

The Holy Martyrs and Notaries Marcian and Martyrius (351); 2 Corinthians 1:8-11; Luke 5:27-32

Events on October 26, 2014

Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost, Tone 3; The Holy and Glorious Great-Martyr Demetrius, from Whose Tomb Myrrh Streams Forth (285-310); and the Commemoration of the Great and Terrible Earthquake at Constantinople of 741 AD; Galatians 1:11-19; 2 Timothy 2:1-10; Luke 7:11-16; John 15:17-16:2

Events on October 27, 2014

The Holy Martyr Nestor (305); Nestor, writer of the first Chronicle of Rus' (1114); the Holy Martyr Capitolina and Her Slave Erotheides; Philippians 4:10-23; Luke 7:36-50

Events on October 28, 2014

The Holy Martyrs Terentius and Neonila; Our Venerable Father Stephen the Sabaite, Composer of Canons (9th c.); the Holy Martyr Parasceve of Iconium; Colossians 1:1,2,7-11; Luke 8:1-3

Events on October 29, 2014

The Holy Venerable-Martyr Anastasia (249-51); the Passing of Our Venerable Father Abraham, Archimandrite and Wonderworker of Rostov (11th c.) [Traditional day of fast and abstinence from meat]; Colossians 1:18-23; Luke 8:22-25

Events on October 30, 2014

The Holy Martyrs Zenobius and Zenobia His Sister (284-305); Passing into eternal life of Blessed Priest-martyr Olesky Zarytsky (1963), Pastor of Strutyn near Zolochiv, and Siberia, Martyr; Colossians 1:24-29; Luke 9:7-11

Eparchial News

Events from the Eparchy and throughout the UGCC

Santa Claus cardinal in Ukraine serves as conscience of the nation

By Inés San Martín Vatican correspondent October 21, 2014 www.cruxnow.com KIEV — When millions of pro-democracy Ukrainians launched what they called the “Revolution of Dignity” in November 2013, which led to the fall of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych and...

Vatican’s message for Deepavali 2014

(Vatican) As Hindus worldwide celebrate Deepavali or Diwali, the festival of lights, the Vatican has called on Hindus, Christians, followers ‎of other religions and people of good to foster together a culture of inclusion  for ‎a just and peaceful society.‎  In a...

Cardinal Baldisseri on the Synod on the Family

Vatican City, 3 October 2014 (VIS) – A press conference was held this morning in the Holy See Press Office during which Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary general of the Synod of Bishops, outlined the structure of the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of...

Patriarch Sviatoslav Presented with Bishoph Budka Biography

His Beatitude Sviatoslav (Shevchuk), Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, was presented with a copy of God’s Martyr, History’s Witness: Blessed Nykyta Budka the First Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Bishop of Canada by Bishop David and Metropolitan...

St. Michael and Rosehill Open House

St. Michael’s Cemetery Please join us for our annual Open House which will be on Saturday September 27, 2014 From 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Administration office on-site at St. Michael’s Cemetery 13819 – 82 Street *One day promotions on Plots, Niches, Mausoleum Crypts,...

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